Teachings on “Glory”

What Is “the Image of God”?

Genesis does not give an in-depth explanation of “image” or “likeness,” because the original readers would have been familiar with these concepts. Learning the ancient Near Eastern context with the Biblical correction is faith-inspiring.

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Words Mean Things: Glory

Glory is one of those words that is so frequent in the Scriptures that we can begin to take it for granted without being conscious of its full meaning or significance. Yet this word is so important because the ultimate reason for all of God’s works from Creation through Redemption to Consummation is His glory.

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Farewell Sermon: Behold the Glory of the Lord Jesus

A farewell sermon, before moving to Lawrence, KS. This is the one thing, from four perspectives, in desperate prayer for the Spirit of revelation, for the fullness of joy, unto the praise of the glory of His grace.

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