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The God-Man, Jesus Christ, fulfilled and reinstated the original Great Commission that was given to the first man and his bride.

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Read these essential truths of "the good news of the glory of the happy God" (1 Tim. 1:11).

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A Plan to Read the New Testament in 2019

We rarely develop well-intentioned habits without a plan. So I encourage everyone to make a plan for reading Scripture in 2019. There’s no rule about how much you should read. You can read a little or a lot at a time – one paragraph a day would be better than nothing – just as long as you read like your spiritual life depends on it (e.g., Mt. 4:4).

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Luther’s Personal Reformation

Martin Luther must have been born again by the Spirit and gifted Gospel-informed faith after the Ninety-five Theses and before the Heidelberg Disputation. His testimony of his breakthrough while beating on Romans 1:17 is fascinating. And the true Gospel is gloriously good news.

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"This is My Name forever..."
(Ex. 3:15).

We lament that God's Name has been avoided and replaced. We rejoice in His promise: “In every place where I cause my name to be remembered I will come to you and bless you” (Ex. 20:24).

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